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Re: Proper versions?

Alan Willis wrote:
>   Using nptl 0.13, and glibc-cvs (snagged around Fri Dec 20 10:30 PST),
> I get the following error again.  Would it be possible to get glibc
> snapshots of the appropriate times that should work with nptl?

What you see must be a problem on your side.  Tools related probably.
No glibc snapshot will help you.  And I want to avoid making these
snapshots since it's quite a bit of work to go through the process.
It's not tar-ing up the sources, it's much more complicated.

I hope that very soon we can go over to a more formalized release
process but this will take a few more weeks.  Getting the CVS sources
really isn't that hard and since you don't have to get a branch you can
always use cvs's -D option to get the sources at a specific data and
time (note that I was very precise about that time in the announcement).

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