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Re: [PATCH] New condition variable design: OpenOffice works

phil-list redhat com schrieb am 02.11.02 19:10:28:
> > P.S. Oh, BTW, I'm just curious: who's the author of NPTL's DESIGN-rwlock.txt?
> Probably Ulrich Drepper.

Uhmm. ``Surprise, surprise.'' AFAICT, Ulrich's mailbox is 
broken in a somewhat similar way to the current version of 
DESIGN-rwlock.txt -- ``might work; might NOT work.'' ;-) ;-)

> Could you explain why you think that your design is better?

It ISN'T totally broken, as far as I can see.

> Also note that in LinuxThreads pthread_cond_t is 12 bytes, and this
> limitation cannot be removed due to the need of binary compatibility:
> your design uses 20 bytes.

Well, you can probably shrink it to something even less than 
12 bytes, if you really want/need.


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