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Check for TLS on IA-64

This patch for libc checks for TLS on ia64.

--- sysdeps/ia64/elf/configure.in.ia64  2002-11-08 16:14:33.000000000 +1100
+++ sysdeps/ia64/elf/configure.in       2002-11-08 16:14:25.000000000 +1100
@@ -1,6 +1,36 @@
 GLIBC_PROVIDES dnl See aclocal.m4 in the top level source directory.
 # Local configure fragment for sysdeps/ia64/elf.
+if test "$usetls" != no; then
+# Check for support of thread-local storage handling in assembler and
+# linker.
+AC_CACHE_CHECK(for ia64 TLS support, libc_cv_ia64_tls, [dnl
+cat > conftest.s <<\EOF
+        .section ".tdata","awT",@progbits
+foo:    data8   25
+        .text
+        addl    r16 = @ltoff(@dtpmod(foo#)), gp
+        addl    r17 = @ltoff(@dtprel(foo#)), gp
+        addl    r18 = @ltoff(@tprel(foo#)), gp
+        addl    r19 = @dtprel(foo#), gp
+        adds    r21 = @dtprel(foo#), r13
+        movl    r23 = @dtprel(foo#)
+        addl    r20 = @tprel(foo#), gp
+        adds    r22 = @tprel(foo#), r13
+        movl    r24 = @tprel(foo#)
+if AC_TRY_COMMAND(${CC-cc} -c $CFLAGS conftest.s 1>&AS_MESSAGE_LOG_FD); then
+  libc_cv_ia64_tls=yes
+  libc_cv_ia64_tls=no
+rm -f conftest*])
+if test $libc_cv_ia64_tls = yes; then
 dnl It is always possible to access static and hidden symbols in an
 dnl position independent way.

This cc:'d to the phil list to inform you our group
(http://www.gelato.unsw.edu.au) is starting to look at the ia64 port
of the new threads library.  We hope to work closely with anyone else
who is interested in this architecture.

ianw cse unsw edu au

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