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RE: nptl 0.5

> - rwlocks (*wakeup is bad)
> - cleartid support for the main thread?
> - pthread_kill_other_threads_np (used by Sun JRE)

Please do NOT implement pthread_kill_other_threads_np(). It was
used to workaround problems with abort(2). Under linuxthreads,
abort() can not dump core under heavy multi-threaded environment.
Therefore, we should fix abort(2).

JVM can be implemented using strict pthread interface. There are
a few extra things that will be really helpful. The most important
one is to make pthread_self() and pthread_getspecific() work inside
signal handlers, including nested signal handlers.

Most people love to have pthread_suspend_np(), pthread_resume_np(),
pthread_getcontext_np(), pthread_setcontext_np(). In current jvm
implementation, these features are implemented using pthread_kill(3)
and sigsuspend(2). As long as NPTL has very fast pthread_kill(),
I don't see much, if any, benefits to have these xxx_np().


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