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[PATCH] i586 support (still untested)

Hi all,

Sorry for attaching the file in the wrong way, last sunday. I was
working on the console, while I normally only attach under X.

I still haven't been able to build glibc (keep getting errors that 'MAX'
and 'roundup' are undefined). It might be my gcc snapshot is too old
(Debian unstable has snapshot of 20021103), but I don't plan on
compiling gcc myself.

But anyhow, I rediffed my code against nptl-0.9 (no changes, actually)
and send it UNTESTED as a real MIME-attachment this time (I hope).

I'm currently building glibc-cvs (anoncvs of about an hour ago) +
nptl-0.9, but don't expect results today. It takes about 8 hours and
wil probably fail.

Oh, the comments in my last mail about code-duplication and silly
label-names are still valid. I didn't change a thing since sunday.


Attachment: nptl-0.9-i586.diff.gz
Description: [PATCH] i586 support for nptl-0.9

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