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RE: where to set the initial value to %gs ?

Thanks for so much kind help and sorry to ask such a junior question here.
Actually I spent quite a lot of time on it. :p
Let me summarize %gs usage to share between newbies like me.  :)

%gs  usage

0. What %gs contains
     It contains the segment selector of the thread GDT description. The
content of %gs remains the same when the pthread library initializes. While
the GDT description varies with different thread, its base adress equals to
struct pthread pointer address.

1. How to initialize %gs
call stack 
__pthread_initialize_minimal()  [nptl/init.c]
    --> __libc_setup_tls() [libc-tls.c]
           --> TLS_INIT_TP() [nptl/sysdeps/i386/tls.h]
__pthread_initialize_minimal() will be called only once when the pthread
library initlize. 

2. How to access %gs
During pthread_create(), %gs and struct pthread *pd composes a
user_desc_init variable. The variable will be transfered to sys_clone() ->
do_fork()->copy_process()->copy_thread(), the content will be copied into
the new thread's task_struct member  thread.tls_array. Then it leaves to

During kernel::__switch_to(), the kernel will backup original %gs and load
new process/thread %gs.

We could use %gs:offset_of_member to access member of struct pthread. And
there are many useful macroes in nptl/sysdeps/i386/tls.h, such as

any mistake, pls let me know. thanks :)


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Hu, Boris wrote:

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> Do I miss sth? Thanks a lot.

Instead of asking questions you should invest some time in understanding
how the kernel and the ABI works.  %gs only has to be set once because
the value never changes and clones inherit the register content.

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