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Re: Plans

Thanks for the reply.

I will be testing all our apps this week, which run on a large cluster of SMP servers (Asus PR-DLS dual PIII and P4 machines) running 1000+ threads each, so it should be interesting.

The thread limit/efficiency of linuxthreads is a big issue for us.


Ulrich Drepper wrote:

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Andrew Walrond wrote:

I presume it is the intention (barring any problems) to make the source
available via cvs,

Making the code available in the glibc CVS would mean that the decision to go along with the code is made. I don't want to do this now. The code still isn't tested much beside my own tests; I'm still waiting for my first "it works for me and my programs like it, too" message.

or include the source in the glibc cvs repository at
some point. Will this coincide with the 2.6 kernel release?

The kernel development is completely separate. I'm not looking at Linus' release schedule.

I intend to be using/testing on an ongoing basis while also keeping
uptodate with the kernel,gcc,libc,binutils. Would it be possible to have
some regular information regarding recommended updates, or should I
assume tracking cvs versions of glibc,gcc,binutils and linus' bitkeeper
kernel will likely be ok from here on?

Using the head of CVS (or bk in Linus' case) is always associated with risks. But in general this should work and if not the developers want to learn about it.

I'm going to make regular releasess and will announce if the minimum
requirements changed.

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