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Re: Patches from Redhat gcc 3.2

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Alan Willis wrote:

> Also, are any modifications needed to glibc 2.3?

I usually say what glibc version you need in the announcement.  The
stock 2.3 was fine for 03.  The next code drop will need more changes
which aren't in an official release yet.  For the time being you should
consider the CVS head as always working.  That's what I'm using internally.

> Also, I do not wish to make my system unusable with 2.4.x kernels,.. if I
> build glibc with --enable-kernel=current, will that make glibc unusable with
> 2.4.x kernels?

You mean you are building glibc on a system running 2.5?  That certainly
makes the glibc unusable on 2.4 systems.  It's the purpose of the whole

How we will handle this in the end is another question.  ld.so already
has some functionality which can help and that's probably what we will use.

> Is this line also correct: --enable-addons=nptl,nptl_db, where
> I've untarred the nptl dirs under in the main glibc directory.

Never mentioned nptl_db in this context.  It's included automatically if
nptl is named.

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