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Re: Patches from Redhat gcc 3.2

I am using glibc 2.3 compiled with gcc 3.2, and no problems at all.
Just pay atention to your binutils version if you want prelinking.
Well, due to some changes in glibc I was unable to run binary statically
linked against glibc 2.2.X, so I had to recompile root bash...



On Wed, 9 Oct 2002, Alan Willis wrote:

> Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 13:08:08 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Alan Willis <alan cotse net>
> Reply-To: alan cotse com
> To: phil-list redhat com
> Cc: linux-kernel vger kernel org
> Subject: Patches from Redhat gcc 3.2
>   Which of the 69 patches in the redhat gcc-3.2 rpm from RH8 provide the
> functionality needed for the __thread keyword, and anything else needed for
> nptl to work correctly.  Also, are any modifications needed to glibc 2.3?
> Also, I do not wish to make my system unusable with 2.4.x kernels,.. if I
> build glibc with --enable-kernel=current, will that make glibc unusable with
> 2.4.x kernels?  I've been using 2.5 for a while now,. but I do want a sane
> recourse.  Is this line also correct: --enable-addons=nptl,nptl_db, where
> I've untarred the nptl dirs under in the main glibc directory.
>    I'm trying to set up an environment where I can use nptl on gentoo.
> Any assistance is most welcome :o)
> Thanks in advance,
> -alan
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