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Re: DESIGN-condvar

On Wed, 9 Oct 2002, Alexander Terekhov wrote:

> Q1) Are you sure that given the current CV design, it's 
>     really guranteed that a player just can't consume his 
>     own signal as spurious wakeup... resulting in a sort 
>     of deadlock (until the main/initial thread would come
>     it and resolve it declaring game over)?

do you mean: "a cond_wait()-ing thread should not be woken up by a
cond_signal() it did previously" ?

( Please describe your question(s) in simpler terms, not through some
complex example. Providing the simplest possible description for a problem
is just as important as implementing the simplest possible code for a
given specification. Too complex examples only cause us to 1) not be able
to read your description immediately or 2) even to skip it altogether.  
Having simple examples and even suggestions for fixes will save tons of
time on our side, and tons of typing on your side. Thanks! )


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