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no.of threads using NPTL

I ran couple of test programs supplied with
NGPT source using NPTL 0.4 on RH8.0 with
gcc-3.2, glibc-2.3.1pre2 and 2.5.41 kernel
on a 4-way smp system.

1. test_str02 -l: creates bunch of threads and
waits in join til run out of resources.
With default stack size of 8M, it created
only 255 threads. With stacksize=64K, created
about 14000+ threads and completed in about
25 secs. 

Same program using NGPT-2.0.3, created about
29000+ threads and completed in 2.5 secs.

2. test_str03 -d 5: creates 1365 threads and 
does mutex/condvar operations.
Using NPTL: occasionaly, this program either 
hangs or seg faults and when it completes, 
takes long time (it varies all the time).

This programs completes in 0.5 secs under NGPT.

How can I create more threads under NPTL?
Are there any config parameters for that?

Saurabh Desai

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