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Re: no.of threads using NPTL

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Saurabh Desai wrote:

> 1. test_str02 -l: creates bunch of threads and
> waits in join til run out of resources.
> With default stack size of 8M, it created
> only 255 threads. With stacksize=64K, created
> about 14000+ threads and completed in about
> 25 secs. 

When I run the test it hits some kernel limit which limits the number of
threads.  This limit is, probably, dictated by the amount of RAM your
machine has.  If you load it up you should get more threads.

WRT to the time: try 2.5.42 (just released).  I have seen some strange
effects with 2.1.41.  The test_str02 test ran for 1:30min with 2.5.41
and completes in 9secs with the 2.5.42 kernel for 8139 threads.

> 2. test_str03 -d 5: creates 1365 threads and 
> does mutex/condvar operations.
> Using NPTL: occasionaly, this program either 
> hangs or seg faults and when it completes, 
> takes long time (it varies all the time).

The time should again be an anormality of 2.5.41.

I cannot observe any hangs but I have seens a crash at some time.  I'll
look into this.

> How can I create more threads under NPTL?

Add RAM to your machine.  Ingo might be able to say more but if the
userlevel stack is small enough it's only a matter of resources.

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