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Re: [patch] mmap-speedup-2.5.42-C3

Ingo Molnar wrote:
> the attached patch (against BK-curr) adds three new, threading related
> improvements to the VM.
> the first one is an mmap inefficiency that was reported by Saurabh Desai.
> The test_str02 NPTL test-utility does the following: it tests the maximum
> number of threads by creating a new thread, which thread creates a new
> thread itself, etc. It basically creates thousands of parallel threads,
> which means thousands of thread stacks.

  Like to point out, test_str02 is a NGPT test program not NPTL.

> the patch was tested on x86 SMP and UP. Saurabh, can you confirm that this
> patch fixes the performance problem you saw in test_str02?

  Yes, the test_str02 performance improved a lot using NPTL.
  However, on a side effect, I noticed that randomly my current telnet session
  was logged out after running this test. Not sure, why?  
  I applied your patch on 2.5.42 kernel and running glibc-2.3.1pre2.

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