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Programming with LinuxThreads2

I've recently (within the last couple days) come into getting with the new linuxthreads, since I write multithreaded applications. I've read tons of stuff, including Ulrich's and Ingo's whitepaper, but have not found anything really specific to what I'm looking for.

First, how is the API changed for programming with the new threads? Are the commands the same, just program as I did with the old linuxthreads? Anything special required in my programs?

Second, are there any stats on the memory usage of the new linuxthreads? The old one had the 2mb allocation per thread, is the new one lighter on that load? I read in one of the papers that the memory allocation is a lot less, but there was no mention as to the actual usage.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Appologies in advance if I mindlessly stumbled past some of the information I'm looking for. =)


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