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Re: NPTL features

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handl telus net wrote:

> is the plan just strictly implement POSIX lib, or NPTL is open for more features.
> (Not changes , just extensions)
> Example like sunos:
> Ability to create a suspended thread ?
> Or features for managing group of threads ?

The first and foremost objective is to get the standard functionality
implemented.  On all target architectures.  Non-standard functionality,
if ever added, has to wait until they are on top of the priority list.
And if some extensions are to be considered they must have a clear
specification and it must be clear that they are fundamental operations.
 The only exceptions are recommended extensions from the POSIX
committee.  For instance, the next NPT source drop will contain
implementations of pthread_tryjoin and pthread_timedjoin because they
are considered in the POSIX group.

If you want to see something outside the standard better get started
writing down the semantics and explain why it is not possible or why it
would be a big disadvantage to have an implementation of the feature
outside libpthread.

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