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RE: a question about tst-cancel2

thanks for your reply.  :)

yeah, pthread_testcancel() is a point to execute cancel buffer
code. But in tst-cancel2, there is no place to call 
pthread_testcancel().  :(  So there must be another place 
to call __do_cancel(). 

I have checked all places to call __do_cancel(), 

but I failed to find the tst-cancel2 to run one of them. :( 

any pointers? thanks.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Saurabh Desai [mailto:sdesai austin ibm com]
> Sent: 2003?4?1? 2:27
> To: phil-list redhat com
> Subject: Re: a question about tst-cancel2
> "Hu, Boris" wrote:
> > 
> > when a pthread is created, th->cancelhandling=0;
> > then pthread_cancel(th) will only mark
> > th->cancelhandling=4(CANCELED_BITMASK) without
> > calling __pthread_kill().
> > Where could I find the place to execute the cancel buf
> > of th pthread? th pthread  calls sys_exit() directly
> > after return according to clone.S
> > 
> If it's not an asynchronous cancellation, the pthread_testcancel()
> calls __do_cancel(), which then longjmp back for an exit.
> Is this what you are looking for? 
> - Saurabh
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