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Re: FW: Configuration and Tunning

Abdul Hakeem wrote:
Can anyone spare tips on configuring a dual-xeon 2.8ghz server with
4GB of ram to support over 100k threads, when implementing NPTL.

This isn't what you were asking, but:

Can you comment on what you're doing with those threads?
The Luddites among us (me included) will quite possibly tell you that
you can do the same thing better with fewer threads.

Also, have you verified that your app functions with small thread stacks?
If all those threads are in a single process, and your app
devotes 2GB out of the available 3GB address space
(see http://www.csn.ul.ie/~mel/projects/vm/guide/html/understand/node28.html)
for the stack, and you have 2<<17 threads, that gives
2<<31 / 2<<17 = 2<<14, or 16KB, of VM for each thread stack.
That's a pretty small stack.
If any of this is news to you, see http://www.kegel.com/stackcheck/
for some notes on dealing with it.
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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