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Re: nptl 0.33

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Simon Derr wrote:

> * make subdirs=nptl check
> tst-dlsym1 sometimes fails with a segmentation fault. But sometimes it
> works.

Haven't seen this.  And I don't pay too much attention to this until the
kernel is stable.

> tst-eintr1 seems to put the kernel in a unstable state. I usually get an
> oops shortly after running it. (see attached file)

Report this to the kernel lists.  There is a separate ia64 kernel list
which you also want to post the report to.

> * mozilla seems to run smoothly, but whines about an unaligned access at
> startup.

Map the address to a DSO.

> * BEA's Java virtual machine JRockit 8.0 crashes and prints a dump when I
> run it with nptl. I'm wondering if anyone had any positive experience with
> JRockit and nptl (not only on ia64, on any platform).

According to what I have been told the ia32 BEA JVM doesn't work.  So it
would be astonishing if the ia64 version would work.  The implementation
probably relies on some non-POSIX behavior the LT implementation had.
Unfortunately I haven't seen much movement from BEA's side.

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