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Building on


Tools used:-

FSF gcc-3.3.1 release
HJL binutils-
glibc cvs 10 August

tst-fork3 stops the test run, it is waiting for something, though it can be 
killed easily.

I ran it using gdb to see what was happening

      exit (1);

  /* This call should never return.  */
  pthread_join (th1, NULL);

  return 1;

The program will stop at that last "pthread_join"; but is is not a real 
program, there is no stack; and it shows on the process listing as "defunct"
It is impossible to kill this process

To try and get details I changed the entry to:

   if (pthread_create (&th1, NULL, tf1, NULL) != 0)
      puts ("parent: pthread_create failed");
      exit (1);
    else printf ("I am %ld, my parent was %ld\n", getpid(), getppid());

There is no output from that printf that is added; and the test now works.

I am going to keep the source of glibc available, this has been built with -g

No oopses here, the system runs fine.


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