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Re: fwd: Scheduler activations (IIRC) question

Jamie Lokier wrote:
Dan Kegel wrote:

Jamie Lokier is heading down the KSE / kernel activations
pathway because he still thinks kernel threads are wrong.

Kernel threads are not wrong in fact I am using them!

Sorry for the loose wording!

I'm doing the same thing that folks who use epoll() are doing: lots of
state machines, few stacks.  Not all my state machines are I/O
related; some of them are more like scheduled objects in a game or
network stack.

There are several userspace libraries that wrap around epoll and add a priority queue of wakeup timers, fwiw, so at least for the scheduled objects, no new magic is required. But that doesn't help with disk I/O, which was your real thrust, I think.

I'll let the AIO experts address that...
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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