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RE: Scheduler activations (IIRC) question

> From: Dan Kegel [mailto:dank kegel com]
> Jamie Lokier is heading down the KSE / kernel activations
> pathway because he still thinks kernel threads are wrong.
> The discussion is under the subject "Scheduler activations (IIRC) question":

Last year I was playing with a similar concept, but kind of
bailed out because it still didn't solve all the complexities
that M:N had -- however, AFAIR, his interest in more in doing
very low weight threads, right? kind of co-routines; probably it
is worth for that case

Having worked on NGPT more than I am willing to admit,
I would not touch M:N threading again even with a yardstick; 
for simple threading it works--but when you want to do complex 
synchronization with good timing, it is not worth anymore.

Iñaky Pérez-González -- Not speaking for Intel -- all opinions are my own (and my fault)

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