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Re: Suspending thread switching while inspecting stacks

  Deeper reading of archives, .h files and man pages helped me to find
about pthread_kill. It will do for suspend and resume of threads.

  What I did not find is a way to get top of used stack, by pthread_t
(there is typo in my first message). Is there and elegant (or any) way
to get this information for running thread?


Дана пет, 05-12-2003 у 12:15, Dragiša Durić је написао:
>   For Modula-3 runtime to work correctly in NPTL threaded environment, I
> have to make thread stack image scanning atomic so garbage collector can
> scan for traced pointers in local variable storage space for every
> thread, while suspending thread switching. For this to work, I have to:
>   1. suspend thread switching;
>   2. get address of used stack area by pthread_thread_t, for every
> stack;
>   3. resume thread switching;
>   Is this doable with nptl?
>   Thanks,
>   dd

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