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nptl 0.19

I've uploaded


The files are only slightly different from 0.18 but some of the changes
I want to get tested ASAP.

The main change is the additional of some stack coloring, only for i686
and up so far.  This should counter problems with some recent hardware.
 If you have P4 machines, SMP or not, and have an application you could
time I'd appreciate learning about the differences (if any this version

The next source drop might take a couple of days since I have to
integrate the first two ports done by outside parties.

Anyway, the sources should be usable with all recent glibc CVS version.
 I've tested with the code as of approximately 2003-02-03T10:00:00-08.

--------------.                        ,-.            444 Castro Street
Ulrich Drepper \    ,-----------------'   \ Mountain View, CA 94041 USA
Red Hat         `--' drepper at redhat.com `---------------------------

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