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Re: Is this related to nptl?

Roland McGrath wrote:
> These errors indicate a libdb.so compiled against nptl's libpthread,
> but you are linking your application against a different libpthread.

Actually, what this means is simply that libdb uses pthread functions
but hasn't been linked with the linker options -z defs and -lpthread
wasn't on the commandline when creating libdb.so.

I.e., there is nowhere a reference to libpthread and the references in
libdb are not weak.

This cannot be nptl related, it'll happen with all thread libraries.
libdb shouldn't have been built this way.  One should never have
undefined references.  Note that this is even fatal if libdb uses
pthread_cond_* functions or pthread_create() since these functions exist
in more than one version and in case no specific version is referred to
the oldest is picked.  This is fatal if the headers used are the current

Rebuild libdb.

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