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NPTL binaries

Let me begin with a word of praise.  We are testing a Java-based chat
application that used to run under Java "green threads" under native
threads with NPTL.  The application is very thread-intensive; it spawns
two threads per client connection, and is expected to handle 2000+
connections (i.e. 4000+ threads).  Under LinuxThreads the JVM would dump
core long before that; using NPTL that came with Red Hat "Phoebe" and
the 2.5.59 kernel, the chat server has been tested to manage 3500+
threads without noticable problems.

I wonder if anyone has RPMs of NPTL-enabled glibc binaries that install
on "Phoebe" -- I believe the beta has a fairly old (and likely obsolete)
version of NPTL.

Compiling glibc on our Phoebe installation fails with an assortment of
errors, despite my efforts to make sure the tool versions match popular
recommendations.  I'm not sure whether this list is the proper place to
discuss glibc compilation, but in case no binaries are to be had, I'd
appreciate advice on *exactly* which versions of binutils, gcc, glibc
source code, compilation flags, etc. people here use to compile
glibc+NPTL with success.

A related question: has anyone managed to get NPTL to run on non-Red Hat
Linux platforms, most notably Debian?

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