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nptl 0.23

Time for a new code drop.  The files are in the usual place:


I've written another dozen or more tests and fixed a few bugs.  As far
as I can see I'm through with this now.  All the bugs I've found [*] are
fixed and I think the test suite now pretty much covers the code.  These
sources go along with the glibc CVS version as of 2003-02-18T15:00:00-0800.

[*] I haven't gotten any bug reports which I consider meanwhile as
positive since the code is quite widely deployed due to the use in RHL
betas.  But I still would like to get some feedback to know where I
stand.  Just drop me a note saying where you're using the code and if
you've done profiling, the result of that.

--------------.                        ,-.            444 Castro Street
Ulrich Drepper \    ,-----------------'   \ Mountain View, CA 94041 USA
Red Hat         `--' drepper at redhat.com `---------------------------

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