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Re: Memory allocation jump after running for a while with a largenumber of threads

On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> > [...]
> > bdf00000 (32 KB)       rw-p (00:00 0)
> > bdf08000 (992 KB)      ---p (00:00 0)
> there might be another effect. If this is the thread stack (is it?),
> then Linux will lazy-allocate the pages mapped by it, and NPTL will
> cycle the stacks (ie. instead of munmap()-ing them, they get cached). I
> dont remember the exact tresholds NPTL is using for caching stacks. In
> any case, the RSS of the JVM process/threads should show the exact
> amount of memory allocated.

Ulrich says that the amount of stacks caches is maxed at 40 MB, plus that
the above regions do not look like NPTL stacks.

does the JVM perhaps allocates/manages thread stacks separately (and
passes them to NPTL at thread-creation time) - or maybe the above regions
are not thread stacks at all?


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