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nptl 0.14

I've uploaded


with the latest sources.  This version is "it" for x86.  I think all the
functionality is done and working.

As people might have heard the latest RHL beta already features NPTL
(not these sources, though).  With an updated glibc using the very
latest CVS sources and this NPTL release the entire system runs nicely,
using only NPTL. If your kernel supports sysenter it'll be used too.
I'm running a Gnome desktop with all the apps, mozilla, OO.org, Sun's
JVM, etc and all works nicely (IBM's JVM does *not* work, but this is
not NPTL's fault).

The changes between 0.13 and 0.14 mainly consist of a completely new
condvar implementation, more cancellation handling changes, and lots of
compatibility work.

Consider testing this code thoroughly now that it's really going to be
stable.  If you don't want to compile glibc by yourself (a good choice!)
consider the RHL beta.  I guess we'll have the latest glibc available
for download from rawhide sometime soon.

--------------.                        ,-.            444 Castro Street
Ulrich Drepper \    ,-----------------'   \ Mountain View, CA 94041 USA
Red Hat         `--' drepper at redhat.com `---------------------------

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