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Writing pthread man pages (was: Re: Ed Bradford's thread benchmarkon nptl?)

Ed Bradford wrote:
OK, now I volunteered to do the man pages for pthread.*. Where is the official documentation?
I have been pointed to an Open Group site that requires a password. Should I penetrate
that wall, is the information therein copyrighted such that "reformatting" it into man pages would offend?

Wow, Ed, thanks for volunteering!

You'll probably need to do some research about the man page situation
in linux before starting.

A few references:

glibc's old linuxthreads doc is at

There is a religious war between "info" people and "man" people;
beware the electrified wires.  You may need to create doc in
both formats.

I believe the home of the Linux man pages is at

A man page archive for many OS's is at
(it's offline at the moment, dunno why)

The SUSv3 docs at http://www.unix.org are definitely copyrighted,
you are not allowed to copy and paste from them, but they are
the controlling documents.  Anything we do should conform to them;
deviations should be carefully noted.  Thus you should definitely
read those pages; just don't plagiarize them.

There man be existing man pages you *can* copy; see e.g.

which I found just now with google.

- Dan

Dan Kegel
Linux User #78045

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