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Re: Writing pthread man pages (was: Re: Ed Bradford's thread benchmark on nptl?)

    A few references:

    glibc's old linuxthreads doc is at

    There is a religious war between "info" people and "man" people;
    beware the electrified wires.  You may need to create doc in
    both formats.

    I believe the home of the Linux man pages is at

Quite apart from any religious war that might exist, there is
a difference in content between the info docs that accompany
glibc (and other GNU packages) and the Linux man pages.

The purpose of the info docs is to document the package
they come with. Thus, if glibc changes the docs will change.
The purpose of the Linux man pages is to document: first,
what the various standards say; secondly, what the various
libraries (libc4, libc5, glibc 2.0-2.3) do; and possibly,
when such information is available, what other operating systems
do (*BSD, Solaris, etc.). Thus, man pages, unlike GNU info files,
will often mention kernel versions and libc versions.


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