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RE: How do I detect when a new thread is created?

Roland's approach worked for me in a project where I had to change/use
Libthread_db. I used the Solaris 8 online pages, look up td_ta_event_*
And td_thr_event_* for the enable/getmsg, td_[ta|thr]_set_event(),
td_[ta|thr]_clear_event(), and td_[ta|thr]_event_getmsg() APIs.

Dave Howell

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The thread_db interface is modelled closely on the Solaris interface,
though it doesn't match exactly.  The best documentation available is
Solaris documentation (go to docs.sun.com and search for thread_db).
want the "event reporting" interface.  You can look at the gdb code to
how it does this, but reading that code is probably more confusing that
starting with Sun's documentation and then experimenting.  It's
the case that not everything actually works as that documentation says,
it will tell you where to look at the source and see how much is really

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