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RE: any test cases to test nptl?

What kind of tests are you looking for exactly?

The POSIX Test Suite tests against the IEEE std 1003.1-2001 System Interfaces with references to TC1 and the Aardvark Defect reports (http://posixtest.sf.net) This not only is pretty close to having a complete threads test suite, but also has extensive testing for sems, mqs, timers and sigs as well.

LTP has also included POSIX Test suite in their project (http://ltp.sourceforge.net)

And of course there are the tests that come with NPTL itself (nptl/src/tst-*) which are a great starting point.

Another project that may be of use is Open Group's VSTH threads (which you have to pay for), and VSTHLite which is a free subset of VSTHLite.  Both of these are at (http://www.opengroup.org/testing/downloads.html)


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Subject: any test cases to test nptl?


Just I would like to know the availability of any sort of test cases for
nptl just like ltp and lsb. 
Can anybody give me some info. 
I went through google and found posixtest suite.
Other than this Can I have a thread test suite. 

Thanks in advance.
Kiran Kumar Chava

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