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Re: First cut of PowerPC support in NPTL

The dl-sysdep.h need not exist at all, please remove it.  (You probably
copied the s390 files to start with.  We've removed the s390 file.)
Likewise jmp-unwind.c is superfluous unless I've overlooked a difference.

For libc-lowlevelmutex.c and libc-lowlevellock.c we should have
sysdeps/generic versions that just #include <lowlevelfoo.c> so that the
majority of platforms won't need these little files copied.

I haven't really tried to understand your locking innards, so I won't
pretend to have an opinion on their goodness.  

Aside from these nits and trivial code reformatting in a few places, looks
good to me.  (And once the port works, the nits can be cleaned up after it
goes in, they needn't delay it.)

What kernels work right for PPC?  Is the bleeding edge of 2.5 what I should
try on my PPC machine (a two-processor Macintosh), or something else?


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