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Re: tst-basic3 failing

> I don't think this will help much, as the main part that makes it different 
> is __libc_start_main with it's differing arguments and the AUX vector 
> handling IIRC.

I don't understand what the need is for this to be different from other
machines.  I guess _SDA_BASE_ is some magic symbol that needs to be
resolved in the executable.  But I can't see that libc uses this value,
so I am quite confused.

I don't see any need at all for it on PPC64, where _SDA_BASE_ is not used.
I think we should switch PPC64 to using the normal signature for

> I guess either we have to leave it the way it is (looking back this file 
> doesn't change often, so it's no real problem) or we macrofy the common 
> stuff into a header.

It doesn't change often, but all changes to it are subtle and usually
important.  I really am not happy with the duplication.  When I fully
understand what needs to be different on powerpc, I will clean it up.
The __aux_init_cache bit is easy to insert in a clean way.
I need to understand the rationale for the other differences.


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