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Re: Current NTPL changes for PPC32/PPC64

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0x004061e6Steven Munroe wrote:
> Here is the merged NTPL patch for PPC32/PPC64.  The PPC64 NTPL code
> compiles but is not tested yet (still waiting for a PPC64 kernel with
> complete NPTL function).

Overall quite good but some bits need work:

- - follow the coding standard.  See lowlevellock.c for one file where
  the rules aren't followed.  Function definitions don't have the type
  on a line on its own, there are tons of places where the space
  is missing before an opening parenthesis etc.

- - also in lowlevellock.c, look at the XXX comments.  Simply define a
  symbol in libc-lowlevellock.c and exclude the unnecessary definitions
  when it is defined

- - the lowlevellock/mutex code seems not to contain anything machine
  specific.  Move it in the generic Linux directory.

- - same for semaphores if applicable.

- - the spinlock init/unlock code should move to sysdeps/pthread.
  atomic.h contains macros for memory barriers

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