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Re: latest merged ppc 32/64 NPTL port

Roland McGrath writes:

> With your patches and your cleanup.c change, plus reconciling with current
> glibc and nptl changes, I get a build that mostly works.  But a few tests
> in nptl and rt fail (librt uses libpthread).  I am using the 2.5.64 kernel
> with patches you sent me last week.  My ppc machine has 2 cpus, and I tried
> both with and without nosmp (same results).  
> I don't think anything changed in the nptl sources I'm using that should
> affect your port.
> I used current mainline binutils, and gcc from the 3.3 branch with the
> patch you cited, both from cvs as of today.
> Can you verify that things are still working for you with the latest cvs glibc?

OK, I'll double check.  I did a make clean; make; make tests about 6
hours ago and that worked.  I'll update gcc and binutils from cvs and
redo the build from scratch to check.

Which nptl tests failed?  tst-cleanup3 will fail unless you have fixed
_pthread_cleanup_push in cleanup.c.

I configured with ../libc/configure --prefix=/usr
 --enable-add-ons=nptl --with-tls --with-__thread


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