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Re: latest merged ppc 32/64 NPTL port

> OK, I'll double check.  I did a make clean; make; make tests about 6
> hours ago and that worked.  I'll update gcc and binutils from cvs and
> redo the build from scratch to check.

I realized that in my libc build I had not given --with-headers and so was
using 2.4.19 headers.  When I rebuilt from scratch using 2.5.64 headers,
most of the failures went away.  I am curious as to what the old headers
could have been missing that would result in a miscompiled library rather
than compile-time failures.

With my new build, I see only two failures in nptl/ tests.
Both tst-cond10 and tst-tls1 die with:

	Timed out: killed the child process but it exited 0

This could just be a timing thing I suppose, but those two fail
consistently on repeated runs (at least a few).

I haven't rerun the only top-level make check yet, but the first time I had
failures only in nptl/ and rt/, and now there are no rt/ failures and nptl/
has only the two mentioned above.


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