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nptl 0.30

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I've uploaded


We have quite a few new things this time around:

- - PPC port, by Paul Mackerras.  Paul reported no failures.  We still see
  a couple of problems but this is probably a tools and/or kernel issue.

- - complete IA-64 port by Jakub Jelinek.  I hope I haven't screwed things
  up with the last minute changes I've made since we saw a 100% pass
  rate a bit earlier today.

- - complete x86-64 port by me.  Once again, no errors left.  This port
  is equivalent to the x86 port in that much of the code is written in
  asm.  You need beside recent tools a 2.5 kernel which has the patches
  I posted to lkml over the weekend (and which the x86-64 kernel
  maintainer incorrectly rejected as wrong; they are correct, use them)

- - two bugs fixed:

  + the condvar implementation occasionally locked up because the exit
    condition was to strict.  Fixed by a patch by Ewald Snel

  + the pthread_mutex_timedlock implementation in some situations would
    have resorted to busy waiting; found by code inspection, nobody
    seems to have been bitten by this

To get all this you need the very recent glibc sources from


With these sources out I hope the ppc and s390 people will update their
parts.  We will have to do quite a bit of cleanup now, in preparation of
adding the code the the glibc archive.

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