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nptl 0.31

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I've uploaded


Quite a few changes since the last code drop:

 - Support for all of the _POSIX_CLOCK_SELECTION option is added.
   This mainly means the pthread_condattr_[gs]etclock functions and
   the underlying functionality in pthread_cond_timedwait.  The
   clock_nanosleep function was already available.  The CLOCK_MONOTONIC
   clock works only if the kernel has the support.

 - the atomic.h header is now in glibc itself.  Several __lll* macros
   introduced for various architectures could be removed afterwards.

 - lots of cleanups.  Symbol versions have been corrected.

 - little optimizations here and there.  Nothing major but it might add
   up.  The most promising change is the early release of the internal
   lock before waking up other threads.

 - pretty bad bug in x86's pthread_cond_timedwait.  This explains the
   few crashes we have seen (no reports from the outside)

 - implementation of POSIX timers based on kernel support.  This gets
   rid of the ugly userlevel code.

   There is one big issues with this: the timer_t type for 64bit archs
   has changed.  We can handle this with symbol versioning, no problem.
   But this change hits a hole in the standard.  I've fixed an
   interpretation request.  If the result is to not allow the behavior
   currently implemented the timer_t change has to be undone for 64bit
   archs.  Therefore nobody must rely on the current librt interface
   to be stable on 64bit archs.  The changes will be undone if necessary
   without consideration of code build using the new code.

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