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nptl 0.38

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[Resent.  The first time I sent it the server just went down.]

I've uploaded new sources to


You need the glibc CVS sources as of 2003-05-09T22:40:00-0700.

Changes include:

~ compatibility changes for types on hammer, s390, ppc.  The 64bit
  platforms had wrong type sizes, alignments, and position of fields
  which need to be the same as in LT.

~ minute optimizations in mutex and rwlock for ia64 and ppc

~ update of the unwinding code to support the compromise wrt C++
  exception handling.  catch(...) blocks are also executed in case
  a thread is canceled.  Only catch(...), no other catch variant.
  This is only logical since the cancellation has no type representable
  in C++.  Note that the catch(...) block has to rethrow the exception;
  otherwise the program will abort.  You need a very recent gcc.

~ fix deadlock in fork.  The samba people apparently ran into this.

~ fix stack allocation on hammer

~ new functions: pthread_setaffinity_np and pthread_getaffinity_np.
  They allow binding thread to specific CPUs.

~ lots of cleanups

The requeue changes are not included.  We need to get the kernel side
sorted out first.

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