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Re: nptl 0.38

Ulrich Drepper <drepper redhat com> schrieb am 12.05.03 18:53:43:
> ~ update of the unwinding code to support the compromise wrt C++
>   exception handling.  catch(...) blocks are also executed in case
>   a thread is canceled.  Only catch(...), no other catch variant.
>   This is only logical since the cancellation has no type representable
>   in C++.  

Says who? Braindamaged "forced unwinding"-based (for thread cancel 
and thread exit, jmps aside for a moment) ABI?

(Subject: Re: Some issues with Technical Report on C++ Performance (DRAFT))

>  Note that the catch(...) block has to rethrow the exception;
>  otherwise the program will abort.  

That's crappy too. 

(Subject: Re: PTHREADS: Longjmp()'ing from cleanup handlers)


Sorry, but if you want to "finalize" (catch and continue) a 
cancellation, you need a correct and rational implementation 
of POSIX threads that implements cancellation as an EXCEPTION 
that can be caught. (E.g., with a C++ 'catch(...)', though 
having a standard name for the exception would be even better.)


(Subject: Re: __attribute__((cleanup(function)) versus try/finally)

(Subject: Exception handling... it's time to fix the standard)


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