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nptl 0.40

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I've uploaded version 0.40:


This version features:

- - bug fixes for sem_open.  There was a logical problem in the file
opening and a semantical problem.  sem_open() is required to return the
same value if the same semaphore is opened more than once at the same time.

- - a bit more runtime error checking (where it comes basically for free)

- - the compile problem some people saw is gone

- - using the timer syscalls (esp timer_gettime) works now, there was a
typo preventing this

- - most importantly, the requeue changes are in.  Not only the code we
published before.  The current BK kernel as of today has the requeue
changes with an extension: the requeue function takes another parameter.
 This makes requeue also useful for pthread_cond_signal and similar
situations.  I.e., even cond_signal shouldn't show any strange
scheduling behavior on big machines anymore.

As said, you need the very latest kernel for that.  Alternatively
kernels without any requeue support.  The old kernel test patches we put
out are not compatible.

This release should be considered more or less x86-only.  I haven't done
any testing today for hammer and ia64.  I'll get to it in the next days.
 But x86 can be tested and the other architectures I don't cover need work.

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