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Re: [PATCH] Native POSIX Thread Library(NPTL) ARM SupportingPatches(1/3)

I wonder what the performance impact is of having a system call in
THREAD_SELF. If it turns out to be too great, it may be possible to
reduce the overhead by adding some more support to the kernel. What
I've been thinking of is a way for applications to supply a pointer to
the kernel (via a new system call), and have it store the current thread
ID at that address during context switch. That way, retrieving the
thread descriptor would be just a regular memory access.

This reminds me of vsyscalls. Can someone in the know compare and contrast the current proposal and vsyscalls? Thanks!

- Dan

p.s. Here's a recent message from around the time they switched
the vsyscall page from something created specially by the kernel
to a tiny ELF image:

Dan Kegel

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