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CPU time per thread?


On RH7.2 I obtain the per thread user, system and elapsed time by reading the kernel information from '/proc/<pid>/stat'.

I talked with Ian Wienand about this subject and he did a bit of digging on my behalf and discovered the following on RH9:

Tracing through fs/proc/base.c, it turns out that the threads are hidden in the /proc output. Try doing ls -a in /proc, the threads should be visible with a '.' preceeding them.

The problem is getting the pid of the threads reliably; getpid is now returning tgid, which means threads get the parent processes id back.

There is a sys_gettid call which you can probably use syscall() for i guess, but I this doesn't seem to be exported from libc.

It's a bit of a pickle :( you can always enumerate through all (including hidden) pids and check the tgid field and manually correlate it, but that sucks.

So its seems that what I require is;

Replacement call to getpid() that returns the 'task id' used in creating the /proc/.XXXX file.
If different from RH7.2 a description of the fields in the /proc/.XXXX file.

If you need further clarification please do ask.


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