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Re: Poor thread performance on Linux vs. Solaris

Bill Soudan wrote:
I've recently ported a heavily multithreaded application from Solaris to Linux, but upon running performance tests, I'm encountering some serious issues on a 4 way 2.8GHz Xeon box running RedHat 9. ...

Both Intel's vtune tool and oprofile reveal the majority of the time is spent in '.text.lock.futex', which after some research, I believe is code that implements a spinlock for the 'futex' lock in kernel/futex.c. The logical conclusion follows that the system time represents the CPUs wasting their time spinning while waiting for the lock.

Now my question is, how should I proceed? The same app scales fine on Solaris, chewing up 100% user time of every CPU I can throw at it.

We would of course love it if you could post a small test program that reproduced the problem. Any chance that's possible? - Dan

Dan Kegel

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