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nptl 0.60

I've uploaded


You need the current CVS glibc as of 2003-09-22T15:15:00-0700.

The changes include:

~ deadlock fix in condvar.

~ possible lifelock fix in all code using the locking primitives.
  This doesn't happen on UP machines, can happen rarely on small
  SMP machines, and increases dramatically with every added processor.

  The result of fixing this is, for instance, that the Volano Java
  thread benchmark runs 8 times faster.  This is a dramatic case but
  noteworthy.  Other tests improve less and some applications experience
  a slight slowdown (compared to previous NPTL version).  This slowdown
  cannot be avoided, we need a more expensive operation to implement
  the locking.

~ the s390 port now uses the generic code.  No more specific functions
  with the funky asms.

The Alpha and SH ports still need to be adjusted for the locking change.
 All the others Jakub and I tool care of.

Let me know whether this code works.  Fixing this performance problem
(and the lockup) was the last item on my list and I want the people who
complain about "exprimental" software due to < 1.0 version number of my
back.  If I don't hear negative reports I'll make a 1.0 release soon.

--------------.                        ,-.            444 Castro Street
Ulrich Drepper \    ,-----------------'   \ Mountain View, CA 94041 USA
Red Hat         `--' drepper at redhat.com `---------------------------

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