Web-site about NPTL tests and trace

Tony Reix Tony.Reix at bull.net
Fri Apr 9 14:12:32 UTC 2004


People interested with our work (add new test/stress programs
to NPTL and define/provide a NPTL trace mechanism) should look at:


- Test/Stress :
	We have analyzed the current coverage of NPTL. Now we are
	defining the new tests to be added.
	Once these new tests are defined, volunteers are welcome
	for helping writing them !

- Tracing :
	We have produced a draft v0.2 describing a NPTL trace tool.
	Though several people are already invited to provide comments,
	anyone is welcome in helping us defining this tool and in
	providing us with requirements and information.

Tony Reix
                            Carpe Diem

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