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Re: problems with pthread_cond_broadcast

I believe this problem has been resolved with Update 2 level of NPTL.
(or the current cvs)
Though I really didn't dig deep to see what the problem was

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I have a problem with pthread_cond_wait/pthread_cond_broadcast
waiting sometimes forever on a fast SMP machine. Attached is a
simple test case.

If I use the order
  pthread_mutex_unlock (&lock);
  pthread_cond_broadcast (&pcond);

with NPTL, the program will hang after a short time running with
current glibc + NPTL + kernel 2.6.x on all architectures I tested.

If I revert the order to
  pthread_cond_broadcast (&pcond);
  pthread_mutex_unlock (&lock);

it works fine.

Is this a problem of the test case (since pthread_cond_broadcast and
pthread_cond_wait will access pcond at the same time in different
threads) or is this a glibc/NPTL/kernel problem?

 Thanks for any hint,

Thorsten Kukuk       http://www.suse.de/~kukuk/        kukuk suse de
SuSE Linux AG        Maxfeldstr. 5                 D-90409 Nuernberg
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#### breaknptl.c has been removed from this note on April 15 2004 by
Dinakar Guniguntala

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