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Re: Q about VSZ wrt NPTL

On Thu, Apr 29, 2004 at 08:08:54PM -0700, Sameer Suhas Deokule wrote:
> I am looking for information/answer as to any rationale behind choosing the default

> stacksize to be 10MB in RHEL3.0. i.e why 10. why not 1 MB or some other
> value ? Is it related to the processor OR the typical recursion nesting OR
> something else....? 

For single threaded applications (the ones the kernel sets up the stack for)
Linux historically always picked 8 Mb as stack; in RHEL3 we needed to extend
that somewhat to give a nett stack of 8Mb (we randomize the stack pointer

I assume you are aware of the posix function you can call before you create
threads that sets the stack size for those threads; if you really care about
stack size I would suggest to always call that and not depend on the OS

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