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Re: Thread starvation with mutex

Ulrich Drepper wrote:

Luke Elliott wrote:

Is there a reason why NPTL does not use this
"fair" method?

It's slow and unnecessary.

Could someone please explain why? Clearly, as someone with apparently *no* thread experience I need all the help I can get. Actually I think Jamie just did. Thank you.

Surely this is pretty normal, expected behaviour of a mutex?

Perhaps expected by you. Anybody with thread experience wouldn't expect it.

I always find your responses to be somewhat acidic and uncalled for but to be honest - funny. This is no exception. I've been reading this list and posting when I find issues or oddities for some time now. Isn't a modicum of respect in order? If not - how about, oh, I don' t know, common courtesy? I mean, if nothing else, I never posted asking how to build glibc from cvs. Ok maybe once.


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